Tantra massage, conducted by our trained masseuses in our studio, helps our clients extend their lives, fulfill dreams, satisfy the need for love touches, and help them stay tuned. Tantra massages affect by their nature their senses, breath, positive mood, thinking, enriching sexuality and overall harmony at all.

The knowledge and experience of each tantra massage will develop and enrich you. When Tantra Massage addressed you and would like to develop and educate on this site, do not hesitate, perhaps this may be the way for you to discover your hidden potential, your femininity and strength.. Beware, it’s not about sexual services or other practices, but only about tantra massage.


  • The ideal age of 18-35 (the possible exception – depends on personality, masseur art and charism).
  • Pleasant appearance and performance.
  • The desire to learn new things and to develop professionally.
  • Responsibility and reliability.
  • Creativity.

  We offer:

  • Flexible working hours.
  • Above premium salary.
  • Working in an inspiring team, with interesting clients.
  • Quality work facilities.
  • Pleasant, joyful and evolving work.
  • Continuing education.